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Fractional RWA ownership using patented nanotech tracking technology combined with advanced Ai and blockchain protocols, creating the first secure RWA luxury marketplace.

$100 billion dollar industry

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Growth projection: 10% per year

$100 billion dollar industry

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The most unique RWA asset

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Legends of Luxury

Both emeralds and gold have played significant roles throughout human history. They have been used as currency, adornments, and symbols of wealth and power by various civilizations for thousands of years.

Gemstone Investment Evolution

Hedge against inflation by investing in this rare gemstone, whose scarcity surpasses that of diamonds, making it a highly sought-after asset. Historically appreciates over time, offering both stability like gold and speculative upside.

The Emerald Company's Vision for Inclusive Wealth

Investing in emeralds is something only possible for the ultra wealthy, until now. The Emerald Company is lowering the barrier and decentralizing the possibility of investing in emeralds.

Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Emeralds: Innovations, Growth, and Rarity

Expanding Investment Horizons

Diversify your portfolio by investing in one of the most emerging Real World Assets through web 3. Unlock the potential of digital asset ownership, offering direct entry into a sophisticated market with high growth prospects.

Empowering Web3 Users

The Emerald Company provides Web3 users access to otherwise restricted markets, empowering fractional ownership and distributing profits to holders and stakers.

Explore our Legacies

Blockchain-Enabled Traceability and Ownership

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Ensuring Authenticity and Ethical Sourcing

By harnessing blockchain technology, we're transforming the emerald industry to provide the Web3 community with ethically sourced and authentically verified emeralds. Our approach ensures transparent ownership and seamless traceability, enabling investors to easily trade and verify their gemstones' origins. This initiative introduces a new era of digital asset ownership, prioritizing transparency, security, and community trust through immutable proof of provenance for luxury goods.
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Discover Our Blockchain-Enabled Solutions

Our approach applies digital asset sharding for ownership of luxury jewelry, high carat emeralds, mine rights, and promotes discovery investing with high exit potential. Using advanced smart contract protocols, we ensure verifiable ownership and transfer ability of Real World Assets, establishing transparent provenance and clear history for jewelry, emeralds, and fractional mine ownership, democratizing access to luxury emeralds and mining investments, allowing participation in gemstone discovery and ownership.
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Unlock the Power of Web 3

Our Web3 community gains unparalleled access to the luxury jewelry rental market, featuring celebrity-endorsed jewelry and digital assets. Members enjoy VIP invitations to both virtual events in the Metaverse and exclusive in-person gatherings, along with the opportunity to participate in unique giveaways. We're paving the way with innovative collaborations and thought leadership, celebrating culture while providing exclusive access to the world of luxury and celebrity memorabilia.

Who are we

Erik Ramos-Paice Co-Founder & COO

Erik specializes in bridging companies across into the blockchain and web3 space with a focus on Real World Assets. His expertise lies in strategic planning, growth, and user acquisition, with a focus on identifying market opportunities through asset tokenization. Erik has been published and is recognized by Forbes China, E27 and TNGlobal, He oversees a diverse range of projects within his client portfolio.

Blake BecherFounder & CEO

With over 20 years as an entrepreneur, Blake has pioneered in the emerald industry and various tech startups. His expertise has fueled growth in European and Latin American markets, spanning businesses from high jewelry to logistics. Renowned for his relationship-building skills and global business acumen, Blake is a also a prominent educator and speaker, offering insights into emeralds and entrepreneurship.

Michael PaiceCo-Founder & CWO

Mike is an expert in token economics and crypto market analysis, he brings a deep understanding of asset tokenisation, blockchain dynamics, market psychology, and adoption frameworks from incubating and advising numerous projects. Mike's insight is vital in driving innovative strategies in Web3 and blockchain, focusing on transforming industries and shaping market direction.

Juan Manuel UribeCFO

With a wealth of global experience spanning six years in investment strategy and financial services, Juan has a dynamic realm of the luxury jewelry market. Juan brings a sophisticated touch to transactions in the US and Latin America, demonstrating a commitment to financial excellence tailored to the unique demands of the luxury sector.

Marcel HuppiCTO

Swiss jewelry expert Marcel, a seasoned professional renowned for impeccable craftsmanship and a discerning eye for rare gemstones. With a strong commitment to quality, they seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary elegance, making them a sought-after authority in the industry.

Jordan CrownSecurity

Jordan is a strategic leader at Crown Consulting, a firm known for elite security solutions worldwide. With a strong foundation in UK military expertise, they excel in risk management, ensuring client safety in any environment. Their work, guided by core standards and a mission to protect, underscores a commitment to resilience and excellence.

The Emerald Roadmap

- Establish Brand and Marketing Connections
- Blockchain and Web3 Feasibility Study
- Market Research and Feedback Integration
- Metaverse Ideation Pilot
- Secure Technology Partnership Agreement
- HR / Legal / Compliance / Logistics
- Metaverse Phase 1 Development
2024 Quarter 1 & 2
- Launch token and commence LBE
- Decentralized exchange listing
- Centralized exchange listing
roadmap image
- User platform alpha testing
- RWA collection celebrity vote
- Emerald acquisition allocation
- Strategic partnerships and community engagement
- Viral campaign ambassador program
2024 Quarter 3
- Discovery Investor Pool opens
- First web3 online giveaway event
roadmap image
- Exploration of existing sites with new tech
- User platform beta release
- Yield Program launch
- Launch Celebrity RWA Program Season 1
- On-chain provenance and ESG testing
- CEX Listing
2024 Quarter 3 / 4
- RWA Backed Liquidity Pool opens
- Fractional Mine Contract RWA Sale
- B2B Emerald Auctions
- Revenue sharing pay-outs commence.
- AR App alpha testing
- CEX Listing
- Launch of the Prospector Program
roadmap image
- Mine Expansion & Scale Staffing
- Laboratory Scaling and Expansion
2024 Quarter 4
& Ongoing
- Jewelry Auction Website Launch Party
- Auction Celebrity RWA Program Season 1
- Establish Web 3 Mine contracts
- Metaverse Beta Testing
roadmap image
- AR App Beta Testing
- Prospecting new sites using new tech
- Collection design / voting / creation
- Launch Own-a-mine Program
- Mini Game ‘Emerald Miner’ Beta Testing
- Scale Brand Awareness
- Purchase additional Mobile Emerald Arrays

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We are a distinguished emerald jewelry brand, fusing timeless craftsmanship with gemological precision to curate an experience that elevates and celebrates the essence of emeralds.
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